Art Residency – Water Tower 2018

And so, it began. My third time to participate in the Water Tower Art Festival/Residency. This year I am mapping the citizen initiatives in public green spaces in Sofia. Our Bulgarian capital is one of the greenest cities in Europe (my personal statistic). These numerous green spaces, especially the ones in the apartment building complexes were the inspiration for my last film, Green Dream.  But as I found while making the film, they can be quite neglected. Walking through them I noticed how from time to time a spark of joy would come to me. That was when I saw spontaneous gardens created by the neighbours. I had forgotten about this, when this spring walking down Parensov street in the centre, I saw a tiny little garden. On it was posted this quote “If you have a library and a garden, you have everything you need.” by Cicero. So my interest in these gardens was rekindled and I proposed to map them for the Water Tower Art Residency.  To me this gardens are a spark that reminds us what is important, a spark that rekindles the good in us.

And the Festival Started. On Sunday one of the volunteers Lily Angelova brought me to visit a garden in Iztok, created by the concierge of one of the buildings, who she said was a very humble and poor men. Here is what we saw.




I am starting to look at ways to transfer my impressions of this garden to the map. It is the first day at the studio/gallery.  This time I feel that I don’t want to use photographs, but to actually make a map that stands on its own as one art piece. I have a large piece of fabric on which I plan to draw.

IMG_4851 (1).JPG




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