From the Balkans to the Alps

We woke up in the Balkan mountains (Стара Планина, Тетевенския Балкан). We went for a morning walk, нежна утринна роса беше покрила земята.


Но разходката беше кратка, трабваше да стягаме багажа и да тръгваме към едни други планини. We hustled our luggage into the car, drove to Sofia airport, got on the plane, landed in Zurich, took the train, and another train, then a taxi and 12 hour later we had arrived in Nairs, Engiadina (1190 meters above sea level in the Swiss Alps).


Our destination was the current art centre and a previous healing bathhouse. I will spend the next month here at an independent artist residency. I am already becoming enchanted by the region. The official language in the region is Romansh a descendent of the spoken latin language of the Roman empire. The area has 20 mineral springs, which is why spas, baths, sanatoriums and drink houses had opened here, and tourism had flourished. We even have an huge non- functional bath in our room/studio space.


My intention was to experiment with watercolours and video, and to explore the theme of the alpine field. But the mystical stories of the water here, woven in the fabric of the place are pulling me in their direction.

So far I started an artist journal making a sketch per day, getting warmed up for my more in-depth watercolour video experimentations.






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