Frida’s Map

In all, I was disappointed by the lack fo art in the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. It was an ethnographic, rather then an art exhibition and I wished the curators had presented the material in a multimedia way. But it was still worth to see, if only to see… Continue reading Frida’s Map

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A prophetic Ghost – Video Dance

It is chilling when our art crosses space and time, and meets in a different dimension. In this case I wish it had not happened. I wish #VictoriaMarinova, the investigative Bulgarian journalist was still alive. I wish our country was safe for women and for journalists. This is a still from "Study of Ruse #3",… Continue reading A prophetic Ghost – Video Dance

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,,Цветята на София” – Креативна Резиденция Водна Кула 2018

Вече 10 години използвам картографски методи в изкуството. Целта ми обикновенно е да добавя субективно измерение в картата. Всичките ми карти досега са се опитвали да отразят връзката на хората с природата. Спазвайки тази линия, започнах двуседмичната креативна резиденция Водна кула със задачата да картографирам граждански инициативи в софийските зелените площи. Бях вдъхновена от няколко… Continue reading ,,Цветята на София” – Креативна Резиденция Водна Кула 2018

Art Residency – Water Tower 2018

And so, it began. My third time to participate in the Water Tower Art Festival/Residency. This year I am mapping the citizen initiatives in public green spaces in Sofia. Our Bulgarian capital is one of the greenest cities in Europe (my personal statistic). These numerous green spaces, especially the ones in the apartment building complexes… Continue reading Art Residency – Water Tower 2018